Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

From setting up your daily driver to

Maximize your tyre wear to

Full race setups to maximize handling.




 Looking to buy a new car? Don’t buy a lemon!

Let us check the car thoroughly for you and provide a report.

You can then make an informed decision  on your new purchase.



Vehicle maintenance is of utmost importance.

Whether its a new car “log book” servicing or more detailed maintenance

We are more than happy to meet your vehicles needs. 



Whether you are looking for that perfect note from your exhaust system or

The ultimate acceleration we can accommodate your needs!

We specialize in cam and exhaust upgrades, supercharger, & turbo upgrades.

In house 4WD dyno. Diesel tuning, euro tuning, & domestic vehicle upgrades 

Did you know?


We can repair and replace steering components crucial to

The handling and safety of your vehicle. 


Worn suspension components can cause adverse handling and dramatically reduce tyre life ultimately making your car more expensive to run. We can reduce those costs by replacing or upgrading your worn suspension parts. We also provide performance enhancing suspension upgrades. Talk to us about your individual needs.   


Brakes fading to the floor? Car shuddering when applying the brakes ? These are symptoms of brake failure. Don’t end up being a statistic. We can repair your brakes to bring them back to safe standard. We can also upgrade your brakes when you need more stopping power.


We offer competitive pricing on tyres , all major brands available. No need to be running round town to get a deal. Fitted and balanced in house.


Clutches are an important part of a vehicles driveline. A slipping or shuddering clutch can be dangerous or detrimental to the drivabilty  of your vehicle. We offer OEM quality and performance upgraded clutches to suit your driving needs.




We know repairs can sometimes be more than we expect. We offer Zip Pay and Skye interest free pay back plans.