My name is Greg Brown and I am the very proud owner of a BF GT. I have always wanted a GT Falcon since they first appeared so long ago. Like most people of my generation, children, houses, education and medical expenses absorbed most of our disposable income until the kids left the nest…. Now it is our turn!!!

I bought the GT in November 2006, and was very happy with the performance of the vehicle but I sadly missed the sound of the old time V8 that I had expected from a performance Ford. As a result, I had an aftermarket ‘cat back’ exhaust system fitted that was noisier than the standard system but was subject to a drone that irritated me to the point that I wished I had not changed the system from the original.

After looking around the internet (yes, I am not that old) for a while, and scanning the Ford online Forums I decided that the best exhaust system for the GT and me was going to be the ‘Herrod Full S/S Quad System’. I checked out the Queensland distributor closest to me and it was Elite Automotive, this is how I first came into contact with Paul and his team.

Our first meeting was productive and to my surprise Paul contacted Herrod in Melbourne on his mobile phone while we were discussing the deal so that he had the most up to date information. What better service could you get than that!!! He even had a Ford with a similar Herrod system that he started so that I could hear the system on the car. It was just what I was after.

I am a person that wants what I pay for, no B.S., no frills, no stories about why things are not what was ordered or delivered, I just want what was agreed and paid for at the price I agreed to pay. These days that can be a rare commodity, honesty, integrity and just good service. I suggest that if you can get such professional service, advice and commitment from your automotive repairer then good luck to you, but I am willing to bet you won’t!! Are you?

Greg Brown, BF GT.



I recently took my au xr8 to Elite Automotive for a full custom tune

Since I fitted the super charger I had it tuned once but the airflow meter ran out of puff. I supplied Elite with a modified airflow meter and asked them to fit it and retune the car.

The end result was just under 240rwkw and perfectly smooth to drive the car has never felt this good before

Thank you Elite for providing a factory smooth tune.



+1 for Elite Automotive. The demonstrated proven results of their stable across the field of both brands speaks for itself. I've known Paul & the Elite crew for over 7 years now & takes the level of service above & beyond. On first impression... u instantly realise that Paul is certainly in his element &very passionate about what he does...its def not just an 8-5 job to him. Customer interaction is second to none, haha dunno if its just the Greek in him but u def feel like part of the family with his welcoming nature. With this extending to him also taking a real genuine personal interest in you whether that be simply to ring u after any jobs done to see if you're happy with it, or in my case knows how perfectionist fussy i am with the tune on my HSV &we went out on the highway at midnight (a saturday too mind u) with the laptop so we could get the roadspeed shift points to exactly line up. He's only happy when you're completely happy. That's dedication!

This is just one example of why Elite has managed to build up such a loyal customer base &with Pauls' infectious enthusiasm at events; whether this is cheering u on at the drags or hosting their legendary dyno days...cant help but inspiring u to go big!

Paul is also straight up says it how it is &you can rest assured that any instructions/directions u give are effectively communicated/passed on to the person who is actually going to do the work.

Another important point worth considering too is they haven't become a victim of their own success by getting lazy &passing off generic tunes at top dollar once they've established a reputation. Or the old 'top end client snobbery trap' that all the other major tuning workshops have seemed to have fallen into at present...Elite would treat u with the same level of favourable enthusiasm &give just as much priority adjusting your handbrake as they would installing say a $upercharger package- they wont forget their roots. (or should that be centrifugal lol)

How many other tuning workshops out there can put their hand up & say yes to all that!!



Hi Chris and Bec here and we own a BA xr6 turbo ute.

Before meeting Paul and the team we had quite a bit of work done on the ute. i.e. forged motor, bigger turbo, fuel system, c4 gear box, plus all the other gear. the car was great but started to develop some problems. As we had a fuel cell and no fuel gauge we constantly ran out of fuel and this was a issue as Bec drives the ute more than me. it started to play up and I gave up on it and listed it for sale.

As you know after spending a lot of money on things you get a bit clingy, so we talked about it and got in touch with Paul to fix some issues. We had only meet Paul on several occasions before hand but he came off as a  upstanding man in the automotive business. I couldn't drop the ute in myself as due to work so bec dropped it off.

I wasn't expecting much to happen that day as it was Friday lunch. later that day I received a call form Paul informing me the motor was nearly out..... well I was happy. The boys had to fix oil leaks and exhaust leaks plus heaps more. They had the motor in and out, tuned, washed, and hauling ass in 2 weeks. That's awesome!!!! The job wasn't a nice one or a clean one nor one that many work shops would take on due to being as heavily modified as it was but the elite team was prepared to spend hours and hours on fixing existing problems, that's commitment.

Then under my persistence we took the ute to Willowbank for us and ran a 11.2 @120mph straight off the bat.
I could not be more happy with the ute and the results elite have achieved. thank you again and keep up the good work.

See-Ya soon
Chris and Bec.



My name is Jeff Campbell and I am writing this testimonial to Paul, Jo and Hugh at Elite Automotive.  

I was first introduced to Paul by my plumbers supplies store manager as it is next door to Elite Automotive, Hassan the store manager said that I should meet this guy next door who owned a rapid XR6 turbo that really flew.

I met Paul and he straight away came across to me as a very honest and sincere person who obviously knew what he was taking about in relation to cars, at this point I did not realise that I would be requiring his services.

A few months later a few of us including Paul were at a drive day at Willow Bank Raceway when my engine expired in my super charged DJR320 ford Falcon sedan, at the track Paul could not have been more help he thought that I had detonated a piston and as it turns out he was exactly right.

I took my car to his workshop were he carried out tests which confirmed his beliefs, at this point he offered to rebuild, no actually begged(sorry Paul) to rebuild my engine. Now As I really did not know Paul and Elite Automotive all that well I was very hesitant to go with them as at this time they only appeared to be servicing and minor repairs mechanics.

The XR6-XR8 Club of Queensland that I am a member of us an engine builder of great reputation that I wanted to do the engineering works for the rebuild, so I contacted Mr. Ian “Woody” Woodward and he advised me that he could rebuild the engine but needed someone to remove, dismantle, reassemble and install the engine back into the car so after much more begging and grovelling (again sorry Paul) I agreed to give him the job.

Now you must realise that my car is my pride and joy and it was a tough decision to go with someone that I didn’t really know that well, well as it turns out I could not have made a better choice, the team at Elite Automotive are some of the most professional people that I have ever dealt with, I was kept informed at all stages of the works and was made welcome at the workshop at any time.

We discussed options in relation to the repair or rebuild of my engine and it was decided to take the opportunity to make it stronger and bullet proof, Paul and Woody removed, rebuilt, and had my engine installed back into the car within 3 weeks from start to finish, this was a fantastic effort and I could not have been happier with the result.

I am now very pleased to call Paul, Jo and Hugh my friends and have no hesitation in recommending Elite Automotive to anyone who requires anything form a service to a full engine rebuild.

Thank you Elite Automotive
Regards, Jeff Campbell.



Recently I took my car, which is a VX Acclaim Supercharged V6, to Paul at Elite Automotive, I took it there to get a new 10psi supercharger pulley, and different ratio rockers put in.

Before Paul did these modifications, he Dynoed my car at his workshop, to see how much power it had.

It got a surprising,190hp at the rear wheels, which was already about 10 - 15 hp over standard. This with just an exhaust!

After Paul put the pulley and rockers on, it got a slightly disappointing 211hp, but Paul assured me this was going to change. The ECU in my car had to learn, that it was receiving more air

Paul and his team did an awesome job, in modifying my car.

The supercharger kit came from another company, in which Paul rang, to make sure, I was going to get the best bang for my buck, he also rang a few of his well known contacts, to also make sure this was the best thing to do.

I trusted in Paul to modify my car to my specifications. He looked after me, and my car exceptionally well, Paul did not want me to leave with my car, unless I was totally happy with it. In which I was.

Now my car pulls a very acceptable 228hp at the rear wheels.

Paul’s Expert team know exactly what they are doing, If they don’t know how to fix a problem, (which is highly irregular) They will go out of there way to find out what it is, and what they can do to fix it.

So thank you Paul and Your team, I will definitely be back again!

Regards, Phil Gillespie.



Really wanted to forward on thanks to Paul and Hugh so I have asked Paul to add this to the testimonials section on the Elite Auto website.

I am a proud owner of an 03 BA XR6 Turbo Ute. I’ve had the car for 3 years and for some time was keen to enhance the already great performance.

I have discussed on many occasions (with various reputable autoshops in both Qld and Vic) but was always hesitant at crunch time.

Around Sept last year I paid a visit to Elite out of the blue. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. After about an hour of friendly chatting with Paul about possibly tweaking my Ute, I left after the purchase of a C.A.P.A. flash tuner. After the notable difference in performance. I phoned Paul back enquiring about what we could do next.

After a few options I decided on SS Cold air induction and throttle body. Wow! But Still I wanted MORE POWER! So another visit to Elite, this time I wanted to make a real difference. Fortunately Paul knew exactly where I wanted to be by listening to my needs and advising on how I would get the most for my money. So the next step included a PWR Intercooler, Valve Springs (a must), new Injectors, Red back Exhaust and a massive Dump pipe and Hi-flow Cat (Custom built exclusively for Paul)

All these additions would be good, But, all brought together to work at maximum efficiency with a Custom Elite Dyno Tune. And now with 315 kW at the rear wheels. Handling and stopping were the next things for the guys to look at. So lowering by 30 mm for looks, new springs and Durashocks for handling. A big brake package to pull the thing up. It’s very hard

So, I have enough Power to impress on Dyno days, handling and stopping for track days. And being a daily driver, most importantly fantastic reliability and better fuel economy than before any modifications were undertaken. (On the highway that is)

With NONE of the pushy sales talk or ridiculous promises I have previously had with others.  I would, and have, strongly recommend Elite for everything from general auto maintenance and servicing to Extreme modification of your pride and Joy.

Yours Sincerely, Jason Taylor.
(Happy and return customer)


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